Frequently Asked Questions

When you book with, you don’t actually book a specific car, but a vehicle category. Then, when you go to pick up your car, you’ll often have a choice of cars in that class. If you 100% want a specific car, you’ll have to make this request directly to the rental company once your booking has been made. They’ll be happy to assist you – however it will depend on availability at your pick up location. If the exact make or model of vehicle you saw during the booking process is not available, you’ll get an equivalent alternative.

In most cases, hire cars can be driven outside the country of pick up. More information can be found in the Rental Conditions on the search results page.

When you book with, your reservation is submitted to the rental brand that you chose. Once it’s confirmed, you’ll receive an email letting you know, including your rental voucher – this usually happens within a few hours. You’ll need this voucher to pick up the car. If you don’t receive your voucher, please contact us.

You can use a number of payment methods to book the car, but currently you need to present a credit card when you pick up the car. If you don’t provide a credit card at the rental desk, the car rental company reserves the right not to deliver the car, and can’t be held responsible.

For booking, you can use a number of different credit and debit cards. Unfortunately we don’t accept payment by American Express, however when you’re asked to present a credit card at the car rental desk, they may accept American Express. Car rental agents require a credit card in the driver's name. This is because a deposit is required which is not collected by the credit card until the car is returned. In certain countries are required two credit cards in case of rental of groups of larger vehicles. Always check that the credit card has enough credit when you pick up the car. The approved amount generally corresponds to the insurance and fuel, but varies depending on the size of the vehicle, the age of the driver, the rental agent, the length of rental and the retreat of the vehicle. If you don’t produce a credit card when you pick up the car, it isn’t possible to get a refund. So make sure you bring a credit card!

The price of the rental will be clearly displayed on our website. For some rentals, you’ll be charged a deposit and the remainder when you pick the car up – others require full pre-payment.

In this case the owner of the credit card must register as a main driver even if not driving the car and will have to add an additional driver that will he or she who will guide. In the event that the owner does not possess a valid driver's license, the car will not be granted because this scenario would not be in line with the conditions of hire.

If you wish to modify or cancel your reservation, simply enter your details on our Manage My Booking section. If you need further help, please contact us.

Please contact the rental brand that provides the car. You will find the contact information on the voucher and / or your rental agreement. You must inform the rental agent immediately of any accident. In the event of an accident you should do the following: - Get the complete details of the people involved in the accident, as well as any possible witnesses. - Provide the car rental agent with all the details regarding the incident. - Inform the authorities immediately if the third party should be investigated or in the case of injury. - Do not leave the vehicle without taking proper precautions. - No refund will be made for loss rental time if the vehicle is involved in an accident.

On there is no age limit, providing you’ve had your licence at least 1 year. There is a surcharge for young drivers is not included in the total price displayed at the time of booking on, but it is specified in the Rental Conditions. The sum has to be paid at the car rental office at the time of pick-up.

The additional driver can be added to the check-in desk car rental. All additional drivers must be present at pick-up and must have a valid driver's license to sign the rental agreement. Please note that all additional extras and additional drivers are all paid at the local rental office before collecting the vehicle.

In insurance policies, the relief consists of a reimbursement by the insured for damages caused to third parties in the event of a claim. The deductible can range from 200 to 1600 € and depends on the type of car, the options and above all by the rental. This exemption can be completely demolished by signing an additional insurance policy as the Zero Gap offered by or that offered by its rental agency, but the latter is considerably less convenient than the Zero Gap.

- The infant child seat is suitable for babies up to 13 kg (recommended for infants up to 12 months) - The toddler seat is suitable from 9 to 18 kg (recommended for children aged 9 months to 4 years).

Drivers must be in possession of a valid driving license for at least 1 year / s, and must not have committed a serious infringement of the highway code. If the driver's license is not in the Latin alphabet (eg Arabic, Greek, Russian or Chinese), they will need a valid international driving license (IDL International Driving License). The international driver's license must be accompanied by the original driving license of the driver.

When you arrive to pick up your car, you must present your printed voucher. If you don’t have the voucher with you, there may be more fees charged, and we are not able to provide a refund. Please don’t rely that you can bring the voucher up on your phone or tablet - make sure you print your voucher, bring it with you and keep it safe.